MakeItAccurate will calculate the accuracy you can expect in your processing before you pay and process.

Accuracy depends on the data you have uploaded, the number of satellite constellations tracked, the duration and location of the project.

Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Europe have reliable CORS networks integrated into MakeItAccurate. This manages any datum transformation unknowns and increases the absolute accuracy to 2-3 cm XYZ. MakeItAccurate sources up to 15 reliable CORS stations to add to the integrity of the solution.

Anywhere else in the world you will achieve 5-8cm XYZ precision by applying the clock and orbit corrections. As this is a global system, datum shifts are applied to create coordinates on a given tectonic plate and epoch. This can be considered to be highly precise but may have datum shifts to published coordinates.

In countries where CORS data is not directly integrated, users can upload their own CORS or local base station data to improve the absolute accuracy of their results.